Born on Peaks

Born on Peaks

As the founder of Dry Peaks, the first thing I have to admit is that I LOVE hiking, trail running and summiting peaks. I love it more than retail, marketing or web development, and even more than CrossFit, weight lifting and cycling, although I would be the first to tout the benefits of cross training! And, cycling and functional training are a close second and third respectively. At any rate, I think it's fair to say my main love is the mountain trail. The idea for Dry Peaks was born there.

So far, I've lived mostly in Utah and Colorado so I can lay claim to being born and bred in the mountains. I feel very blessed to live so close to and can easily access some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. I am also blessed with very active friends and family members who have inspired and pushed me to keep running on trails. Together we have conquered a few Cirque Series races, both in Utah and Alaska. The Cirque Series slogan is to "Push Peaks" which to me means to push yourself and others to new heights proverbially and literally.

Those who are familiar with Cirque Series races know that they always have a circular course that includes a massive incline to a peak and back down again. While training and participating in these races I was constantly thinking, how can I utilize my skills to become part of this amazing community? How can I keep pushing peaks and keep my sweaty self dry in a sustainable way? Over the last couple of years other goals have been circulating in my head as well. How can I demonstrate and utilize my web development, digital marketing and project management skills all while finding a way to sustain our natural resources for future generations.

While hiking and running on mountain trails with bandanas on my head, the answer came to me. Moisture wicking sportswear made with fabric from sustainable materials! I'll start small with headbands and see where it goes. Having something to sell would give me reason to build an online store, and practice marketing and product sourcing. Starting a small business while managing all of the other moving parts would exercise my project management skills. Pledging a part of the proceeds to vetted conservation organizations or organizing volunteer service projects would be a way to give back. 

So here we are, at the dawn of something new. Born on peaks, on mountain trails, and looking for new adventures beyond in the desert, in the topics, at the oceanside and overseas. I look forward to meeting the happy, satisfied customers, friends and collaborators who join us for this journey. Thanks! ~Clark 🙌🏻
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