Clark at Snowbird for a Cirque Series race

Cirque Series Snowbird 2023

In addition to registering for the Wasatch Trail Run Series, I had also signed up for two Cirque Series runs this season as well.

Cirque Series races are different from WTRS in that they are more amped up in every way. There are more participants and vendors, more miles and vertical feet (a peak is always summited), more obstacles and more prize money for those who are a beast enough to actually get a place on the podium. Obviously I’m not a professional trail runner, so I entered into the beginner / intermediate category. This was my third Cirque Series race, following Alyeska 2021 and Alta 2022. I was late coming in but I came in running and I finished. Woot woot! And whew, wow, that was a fun but tough run. I can’t believe how many glissades we had to slide down how much deep and slushy snow we slogged through. I definitely had a wet butt and wet feet the entire time. I am so amazed that I didn’t have any blisters and/or bloody feet. It just goes to show you what good socks and shoes can do for you! 

I think the most memorable thing about this race was the on-trail camaraderie. At different points in the race, you align with people who are going at the same pace as you. As I sped up or slowed down depending on the terrain and the way my body was feeling, I lined up with at least four different people for around 10 minutes at a time. It was amazing what you could learn from somebody in that amount of time. Thank you to new acquaintances who made this day very memorable for me. Your support helped push me through one of the most fun mountain races in Utah. ~Clark 🙌🏻

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