Clark at Snowbird for Wasatch Trail Run Series

Wasatch Trail Run Series Snowbird One

I can’t believe I was back at Snowbird FIVE days after a Cirque Series race at the same venue. While the Wasatch Trail Run Series long course at Snowbird was way more “tame” than the Cirque, I can’t believe what a grind it was. My legs were angry. To be honest, I usually power hike up the hill and then run down. Running steadily uphill is still very challenging for me. I used to hate downhill too, I still kind of do when it’s extremely steep, but overall, I’ve embraced it. Downhill running is like a moving meditation because you have to carefully watch and carefully place every step.

What I remember most from this day is that a summer evening at Snowbird is delicious. Little Cottonwood Canyon is stunning in the summer evening light. I remember thinking I was going to collapse from exhaustion on the ascent but then the peak of this race arrived just in time and I absolutely loved the gentle descent that this course presented, Who wouldn’t love running through gorgeous flower-filled meadows crossing gentle brooks and streams? I finished running, one of the last as usual, but I finished with a smile and was just so amazed and grateful that my legs didn’t give out on me. ~Clark 🙌🏻

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