Wasatch Trail Run Series Soldier Hallow Two

Wasatch Trail Run Series Soldier Hallow Two

From our founder: On June 14, I un-paused trail running season and rejoined the Wasatch Trail Run Series for a revisit of the Soldier Hallow Long Course. This was the sixth event for WTRS and my fourth time running with them. I had purposely skipped the Heber Valley run due to other obligations, but accidentally missed the revisit of Dimple Dell because I was unexpectedly under the weather. My performance at the Soldier Hallow revisit was not as good as I had hoped. I finished exactly 40 seconds slower than the first run at this venue. This is close enough in time for me to say that I neither improved nor declined in performance ability. I was also a little frustrated that I was the third to last person to finish the long course. I did, however, come in running. 😁

Conditions were beautiful and dry. The mud from the first time on this course had dried up. This was my first time running a course the second time. The familiarity made it seem much shorter. Even though I officially finished 40 seconds slower, my perceived level of effort was that it felt much easier. I can genuinely say that I really enjoyed this run. Probably, I coulda shoulda woulda pushed harder. At this point I felt renewed and ready for more. Little did I know, I was about to get my wish. ~Clark 🙌🏻

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